Fire Blanket LARGE SIZE 1 X 1m EASY & QUICK UNFOLDING FIRE BLANKET, Must have Emergency Fire Blanket for Home, Kitchen, Garage, Office, Caravan

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✅Economy fire Blanket in bag. Fire Blanket 1m x 1m, manufactured to standard: meets en-1869:1997 standard for cooking fire suppression.. As 50% of all House fires are started by kitchen fires, quickly extinguishing such fires is essential. This blanket is 1.00 m x 1.00 m and coated with a fire retardant material. Fire requires oxygen In order to burn, and this blanket works by depriving the fire of oxygen, hence extinguishing it. This blanket can be used to put out small fires, or can be used to wrap up someone who’s clothes have caught fire. Fire safety in the home is essential and with a fire Blanket you are one step closer to keeping your home and family safe.✅✅✅✅✅
✅HIGHEST RATED FIRE BLANKET:- The 1m x 1m soft case fire blanket is manufactured using the highest quality woven glass fibre material and placed over the fire and extinguishes it by forming an air tight seal which smothers the fire by cutting off the supply of oxygen. Fire Blankets should be used on all chip or oil & fat fires as it is not safe to use a standard fire extinguisher due to the potential risk of spraying the burning oil & spreading the fire or causing injury.
✅QUICK & EASY TO INSTALL:- The soft case fire blanket is perfect for home or commercial use as it is easily fixed to a wall. It’s lightweight & comes equipped with flameproof handles allowing it to be deployed in seconds in the event of a fire. Fire blankets are prefect for use in the kitchen & are an essential piece of fire safety kit. The soft case gives strong protection & can be wiped clean with ease making it simple to maintain.
✅SIMPLE TO USE:- This Fire Blanket is incredibly easy to use. In the event of a cooking fire at home or in the work place, simply pull the handles to release the blanket from the soft case. Ensure your hands are protected behind the fire blanket & place it over the fire. Turn off the heat source such as the cooking hob & leave in place for at least 15 minutes. Always call the fire service in the event of a fire for safety.
✅STANDARD:- Meets EN-1869:1997 standard for cooking fire suppression✅FAST DISPATCH & DELIVERY✅


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