kizplays Flying Ball, LED Luminous Helicopter, Safe Palm Drone Infrared Sensor, Indoor and Outdoor, Family and Boys and Girls Toys 4

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Playing flying ball on the lawnPlaying flying ball on the lawn

KIZPLAYS Non-Toxic Material, Wear-Resistant and Anti-Fall High-Quality Flying Ball Toys, Make Life Full of Vitality and Fun!

KIZPLAYS flying ball toys, automatically avoid obstacles, high fun toys with automatic hover and flip design, suitable for boys, girls, boys, girls, children, teenagers, and adults.

If you play with a good friend, you will get the same happy time as playing badminton, a more unique two-player game for physical exercise and friendship.

It is also an educational toy that can accompany children’s healthy growth to develop their intelligence and stimulate their sensory creativity.

Flying ball toys are exquisite gifts for boys and girls, allowing children to thrive in the game.

The palm of your hand controls the flight, with colorful lights, and when you play at night, people will marvel at this beautiful flying ball toy.

led flying ballled flying ball

kizplay logokizplay logo

KIZPLAYS is a brand that focuses on mid-to-high-end toys. We use high-quality materials on the market for production, are responsible for children’s health, select non-toxic raw materials, and strictly control the R&D and production links to ensure that the products produced are of high quality and durable. KIZPLAYS will accompany children to grow up healthily.


A flying toy that emits light. In the dark night, the flying ball will emit beautiful colors.

Used at night, the flying ball is like a dazzling planet, emitting colorful light. The night and the day have their own beauty. In the sunny noon, the flying ball is flying like an energetic child. At night, flying ball is more like a handicraft for people to appreciate and spend the night with children.

Christmas giftsChristmas gifts

Family playing flying ball

Family playing flying ball

Child playing flying ball

Child playing flying ball

Teenagers playing flying balls

Teenagers playing flying balls

Family Toys

This is a gadget suitable for playing with your family. It has a magical and mysterious power to gather your family together. Let’s enjoy the afternoon with your family!

Accompany Your Child at Night

The flying ball will guard the child through the night like the moon. When the child’s vision is enjoyed with soothing colors, it will be easier to fall asleep. The light of the colorful LED flying ball has such power.

High-Quality Youth Toys

This is a flying ball suitable for children, teenagers and adults from 4 to 16 years old. In the era of rapid development of the Internet, simple mini games can bring closer the distance between friends.

Tough and drop resistant, soft and safeTough and drop resistant, soft and safe

Tough and Fall Resistant, Soft and Safe

It is made of safe and non-toxic ABS material, with flexible and drop-resistant blades, so there is no need to worry about being broken during flight.

Automatically sense to avoid obstaclesAutomatically sense to avoid obstacles

Automatically Sense to Avoid Obstacles

Using advanced LED infrared sensor hovering technology, the smart sensor is very sensitive to motion trajectories, can detect nearby objects and automatically avoid them, effectively protecting children and furniture from collisions.

Flying ball pocket sizeFlying ball pocket size

Pocket Pocket Portable Size

Small in size, it can be carried anytime and anywhere, and it can be played indoors or outdoors. This flying ball can be charged by a computer or plugged into a power source, which is very convenient. Easy for beginners to operate.

Product overviewProduct overview

Total Products Contained in The Package

1* USB Cable

1* Use Manual

1* Flying Ball Toy(Exquisite packaging box)

1 * Remote Controller (Built-in button battery)

Tough and drop resistant, soft and safeTough and drop resistant, soft and safe

Automatically sense to avoid obstaclesAutomatically sense to avoid obstacles

Flying ball pocket sizeFlying ball pocket size

Product overviewProduct overview

Kids playingKids playing

Multi-played toys for kids: Easy to operate with hand control,the flying drone toy is suitable for many kids to play together.So if you have more than one kid,give them a fly ball, they will have fun all the weekends! The colorful led fly toy is specially designed for boys and girls 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15…years old
Best presents for kids: The kids toy is fun to play with indoor and outdoor.Colorful and easy-controlled,it must be the great present for boys and girls.Every kid will want a fly ball as his birthday present or christmas present.Also it is a good choice to give your friend’s kids or a good toy of kid’s vacation
Multiple protection fly toys: 1,The ball will automatically sense the objects underneath and fly away after 3-5s when you switch on to ensure safety;2,When the Flying ball falls down to ground or collides with other objects, it will stop whirling;3,The wings are flexible and durable,not easy to break or deformed,very sturdy and will resist damage when it falls;4,Non-toxic ABS material
Infrared induction flying toys: The toy is easy to be controlled by hands. When switched on,the fly ball will light on in 3 or 5s,and fly upward intelligently.It will hover in the air to a certain height after one inducing,so there is no concern about the flying ball flying away after playing for a while.If you want to stop it, just grap it from side without touching the propellers


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