zonpor Ultrasonic Fox Repellent Cat Repellent Solar Battery Powered Animal Scarer Repellent for Garden, Waterproof Outdoor Deterrent Repeller

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Are you troubled by animals that are difficult to get rid of?
Our Solar Ultrasonic Cat Repellent can take care of these worries for you.
The ultrasonic cat repellent uses an infrared sensor (PIR) to detect motion, which turns on the fox deterrent when a warm body enters a controlled area and triggers the ultrasonic speaker to emit a mixture of ultrasonic waves, sound waves and a powerful LED strobe light to Scare away unwanted animals and pests. Not only does it save battery life, it also teaches cats to associate their movement with noise and stay away from the fox repeller.

Five working frequencies of cat repellant for garden:
1: 13.5KHZ-19.5KHZ for mice, dogs, foxes, minks, etc;
2: 19.5KHZ-24.5KHZ for cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks, etc;
3: 24.5KHZ-45.5KHZ for deer, squirrels, cows, etc;
4: Alarm and strong LED flash to scare away bats, birds, sparrows, pigeons, wild animals;
5: Mode 1-Mode 2-Mode 3 work together, turn on strong flash mode.

Fox Deterrent Specifications:
**Power supply: 3 AA batteries + solar panel + USB charging cable
**Detection range: 8m-10m/26-30ft, depending on animal size and surroundings
**Infrared sensing angle: 110 degrees
**Red LED on: Indicates the device is activated
**Package Contents: 1x Animal Repeller (with battery inserted)+1x Mounting Pole+ 1xUSB Cable+1x Instruction Manual

1. Do not cover the PIR sensor.
2. Do not immerse cat repellent into water.
3. Please place cat repeller for gardens towards the animal entrance.
4. Please install fox repeller facing the sun.
5. If the sound of cat repeller affects people’s lives, please place the device away from the crowd.
6. After receiving the package, please charge it for 3 hours before using it.

【Wide Coverage】Infrared PIR motion sensor with an angle of up to 110 degrees and a detection range of up to 10 meters/33 feet. When a moving animal is detected, the cat repellent is activated and emits a high-frequency sound that is irritating to small animals.
【Two Power Supply Modes】Ultrasonic animal repeller supports solar power supply and USB charging (including 3 AA batteries and USB data cable). Please fully charge the battery before first use to prolong the life of the battery.
【Safety and environmental protection】Ultrasonic cat detterent just drives all kinds of animals by setting different frequencies, no traps, no killing. People with better hearing can hear it, so point the repellent at the area you want to protect and away from crowds.
【Waterproof】Ultrasonic pest repeller adopts IP44 waterproof design, so that the device can withstand rain, snow, ice and wind. Note: Do not immerse it in water to prevent the device from rusting.


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